China Buffet Mongolian Grill

China Buffet Menu

Mon. - Sat.        Lunch                          $7.29
Sunday             All Day                         $9.29
Mon. - Thurs.    Dinner (after 3:45pm)    $9.29
Fri. - Sat.          Dinner                         $11.75

                    Lunch        Dinner            Dinner
&Sunday Lunch    Friday & Saturday
Kids 4-6        $3.79        $4.99            $5.79
Kids 7-9        $4.99        $6.49            $7.99
Kids 10-12    $5.99        $7.99            $9.49

Kids under 4 eat free
Seniors 65+ 10% discount (please notify hostess)

*Prices do not include drinks
*Prices may vary by location 


Carry Out Buffet
Lunch                           $3.99 per/lb

Lunch                           $4.99 per/lb

Dinner                          $4.99 per/lb

*Price does not include soup or crab legs

Crab Legs                     $7.99 per/lb
Soup                             $1.75 pint
Chicken Skewers        $3.55
strip of chicken marinated in a teriyaki sauce then skewered onto a stick, a serving of four

Egg Roll                       $1.00
shredded pork and veggies rolled tight in a wonton wrap then fried up golden brown

Crab Rangoon             $3.35
a blend of cream cheese and crabmeat stuffed in to 6, bite sized wonton wraps, fried crisp

Spring Roll (each)       $1.00
fresh veggies wrapped in a deliciously delicate, crispy spring roll skin, deep - fried golden brown

Chicken Wings             $3.95
Eight chicken wings fried and stir fried in a spicy sauce

Egg Drop Soup                  $1.75
a delicious oriental classic a chicken broth base with an egg stirred in

Hot and Sour Soup            
a blend of pork, mushrooms and bamboo shoots cooked with tofu curds in a spicy broth base

Specialties - served with Steam or Fried Rice

Chicken or Vegetable    $7.25

Shrimp or Beef               $7.95


Cashew Style

Kung Pao

Garlic Sauce

Egg Foo Young

Orange Peel

Sweet & Sour (no Beef)

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